Online dating: Experiences, advice and being yourself

Ah online dating. A world of stale chat, mixed signals and dodgy dick pics. Okay so I’m being a bit cynical there – I know lots of people who have had online dating successes. I’m yet to be one of those lucky people, so as I still wade my way through this stream of sexual innuendos, crap chat up lines and cryptic messages, I thought I’d write a little post all about my experiences and some advice that I’d wish I’d had at the start when I first downloaded the apps. Continue reading


Cool Compliments (that aren’t about appearance)

Way back when I was on holiday in Cyprus, me and my girls Sal and Liss struck up a pool friendship with a lovely lady from Portsmouth. We chatted over the week about everything and anything but she said something to me that stuck with me. Like Sal and Liss, she had met her partner online and asked me if I had a boyfriend. When I said no, she replied with ‘I’ve no idea why, you’re such a fun, happy and positive person!’. I’m crap at accepting compliments anyway but this one made me smile. She describe my personality and it’s was so nice that she saw that with only a few minutes chat in the pool each day! Continue reading

5 Ways To Spread The Love

I can’t even process the news from last night. I woke up to my phone going into a frenzy, friends texting, twitter going mental. My first thought was ‘is this real?’ shortly followed by ‘not again.’ How awful is it that these harrowing events are becoming a more frequent part of our everyday life? My heart aches for the victims and their families in Manchester. I didn’t feel like getting up today, but instead I forced myself to. I went to work and acted with compassion, kindness and love. My concentration wasn’t all there, but I took the time to tell people I loved them, supported those affected and reflect on things. This post is a reminder that it requires minimal effort to be kind. Spread the love. Be positive. Stand together.

Continue reading