It’s okay to not be okay

Hey beautiful blog readers. It’s been a while hasn’t it?! I’ve had lots happening this month. I’m all for honesty on here – it’s not all rainbows and unicorns 100% of the time and I am finally feeling confident enough to put my creative head back on and write a post on the blog I’ve really enjoyed creating this year. So, this post is all about how it’s absolutely allowed to not be okay. You are allowed to be down and to go through these emotions. You are allowed to ask for help when you need it, guidance when you want it and support when you seek it. Don’t ever feel like you should ‘stay tough’, ‘not cry’ or ‘keep calm and carry on’. Sometimes, a good cry is what you need and to face these feelings head on and just go through that period and come out the other side makes you feel that bit better.

It is completely normal to succumb to the thoughts that sit heavily on our shoulders or which are creeping in the corners of our minds. Mental health is so SO important. Just because you seem to be doing okay on the outside doesn’t mean you feel it on the inside. Mooching around in your house coat watching endless episodes of Gavin and Stacey whilst only eating an entire packet of gingernuts and drinking ten cups of tea in the day is definitely an okay response to feeling low. In my books, you can’t just be that upbeat around the clock. We all have tough times and hard things thrown at us. So deal with it as best you can and maybe follow some of these tips that have helped me through the past couple of weeks:

Talk to someone you feel safe with. 

Mum, sibling, best friend. They are there to listen, impart advice (that you might not take but are thankful for nonetheless) and just keep an eye on you when you’re not tip top. If you don’t feel ready to talk, that’s okay. Writing your feelings down can help too. It acts as a bit of a release so it’s not all just in your head. Putting pen to paper is therapeutic and calming. Give it a try.


It can be a trashy magazine, the paper, an online blog or your favourite book. Reading is a form of meditation and definitely helps me centre myself, calm my breathing and concentrate on another world entirely instead of my own. Escaping for as little as half an hour a day can make all the difference.

Walk it out.

A 10-15 minute brisk walk in the fresh air works wonders for me. It clears my head and actually allows me to think in a more open, natural environment where I find myself concentrating on much bigger things – nature, weather, wildlife etc.

Treat yourself.

Whether this be a new outfit, some new make up or a pamper one night in the week, treating yourself to something you want rather than necessarily need can boost you up and lift your spirits. I always find painting my nails helps me feel a bit perkier and prettier.

Eat something comforting.

Soup is always a winner. Tea and biscuits a close second. I find that forgetting about what you put in your body for a while means you can just listen to your hunger, let your body have what it craves at that moment and comfort those feelings when you need it. I’m not talking about binging for days on end or overeating here, just tuning into what you feel like and not berating yourself if it happens to be a packet of biscuits and some toast all day.

Watch something from your childhood.

This is a great one. I always stick on Matilda or The Borrowers to take me back to being 8 years old, watching my favourite films on a Sunday and eating sweets after dinner. Comfort is brought from happy memories and you’re never too old for Disney.


Ultimately, it sucks when someone or something can make you feel so shit. It’s not fair BUT don’t be embarrassed to cry it out or confide in others. We’re all fighting battles others don’t know about and if we just learn to give ourselves some love and time to get through it, things will be easier and happier in the long run. It’s okay to not be okay sometimes. Look after yourself and remember that tomorrow is a new day with new opportunities.

With lots of love today



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