Why You Should Embrace Being Single

My current situation: 23yo in a committed relationship with my bed and Netflix, regularly leaving the house to socialise with amazing friends, trying not to get swept up in finding ‘the one’ and validate my self worth by being coupled up. Continue reading


5 Netflix Series You Should Watch Right Now

I am constantly in a state of confusion over what to watch on Netflix. I’ve been housesitting my sister’s for the past three days and have managed to get some solid binges in! So I’ve taken it upon myself to uncover some gems that have caused me to spend far too many hours in my bed (it’s a hard life) and suggest them to you…

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August Favourites

Oh GAWD how is it September? 2 months today and I’ll be turning 24 (say what!?) and 10 months ago today I returned fro my travels. This year is going crazy fast, so another month needs be accounted for and reminisced upon! August, you were amazing! Continue reading