10 Places On My Travel Bucketlist

On this cloudy Monday, feeling a little worse for wear and like I’m crawling towards Friday when me and Luce jet off to Amsterdam, I wanted to pull together my travel bucket list and dream of all the places I’m hoping to visit in the future. So, in no particular order…

1) Enjoy Island Life in Thailand | South East Asia

The beaches, the boats, the parties, the people. I can’t wait to go to this paradise and explore what the temples, waterfalls and street food have to offer!

2) Tokyo | Japan

I can’t wait to get my butt over to this amazing, bustling city for the food, the people, the lights and the culture. I’ve read many a page in the Lonely Planet guides and can’t wait to overindulge on the best sushi in the world. Also, I’ve read there is a pug cafe there?! I mean, COME ON!

3) Island Hopping In The Philippines | Asia

I’ve seen lots of my travel buddies enjoy the simple lifestyle, the laid back island life and cultural challenges in some of the most beautiful spots in Asia. Snorkelling the bright blue waters and getting to know the locals and their remote ways of life is something I can’t wait to do.

4) See An Orangutan | Borneo | Asia

Ever since I missed the opportunity to go to Borneo for a ‘World Challenge’ experience at school, I want to get there and see the orangutans for myself. The tropical wilderness, the beautiful animals – it’ll be worth every penny.

5) Explore Sri Lanka | South East Asia

Lucy volunteered here and ever since she whatsapped me the pictures and told me all of her stories I have wanted to go and experience it all for myself. It’s fast becoming the go-to destination for holidays, so I’d love to explore this gem whilst it’s still fairly undiscovered.

6) Witness The Northern Lights | Iceland

I’ve heard mixed reviews on Iceland, but part of me still wants to take a dip in the Blue Lagoon and explore Reykjavik.

7) European Road Trip (Italy Is A Priority!)

Right on my doorstep and so many countries I haven’t yet visited, I’d love to do it properly, hire a car and go to those hard to reach places. Ever since a couple of my friends went inter-railing all around Europe a while back, I’ve want to see each countries’ individuality. Italy has always been top of the list because, pizza.

8) Go On Safari | Africa

A once-in-a-lifetime trip, one which Sally has been lucky enough to experience (so jealous!), it really would be a pinch-me moment going on safari in the African wilderness, seeing all the amazing animals in their natural habitat.

9) New York, New York! | USA

So iconic, so cosmopolitan and SO EXPENSIVE! Pretty much why I haven’t made it over there yet because I know I’ll need to save a shit-tonne to do all the things I want to do, stay where I want to stay and buy what I want to buy (you’ve got to make the most of the shopping whilst over there – duh!). Plus, I reaaaally want a picture outside Tiffany’s cos I’m a nerd like that.

10) Toronto – Vancouver By Train | Canada

Canada looks so beautiful and what cooler way to see a place than on a sleeper train! Imagine seeing The Rockies one day, arriving into Vancouver with the North Shore mountains as a backdrop the next.

Oh to dream! Hopefully one day, all of these will become a reality. Where’s next on your travel bucket list?


With love and longing to leave…



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