What Even Is A Bikini Body?

Right, so this is an honest post about the struggle to feel ‘bikini ready’ for my upcoming holibobs to Cyprus. This is for anyone having any doubts about getting on that sun lounger, strolling into the sea or chilling in the pool and feeling anxious about it. For as long as I can remember, I have felt on the chubbier side of my ideal weight and a bit conscious about letting most of me be on show when in my bikini. Recently, I’ve been quite hard on myself about my looks and it’s getting me nowhere. So today – whilst packing for my holiday (10 days early but IDGAF) – I tried on my bikinis and told myself what I DO like about my body, and I already feel that little bit better about getting my body out this summer.

The perfect ‘bikini body’ is a myth

Yup. That’s right ladies. Because anyone can wear a bikini right?! They may not look like a certain celeb in it, but that’s 100% fine, because guess what. They’re not that person! Everyone is individual, so of course, everyone will look different in their swimwear.

Comparisons are the devil

And so is society and stupid magazines. STOP! Don’t compare, everyone is completely different. Height, fitness levels, how people carry their weight. It differs from person to person. So it’s completely unrealistic to compare my pear shape to say a really petite person.

I am completely done with feeling like this

It’s actually really exhausting to always be thinking about looks and exercise and nutrition. I am really over this feeling of inadequacy because quite frankly, my legs work, my heart works, my lungs work and my brain works (well, most of the time). I am a happy, healthy and fully functioning woman. It’s time to start embracing that fact rather than getting all hung up on how my arms look in a picture.

It’s not a permanent state of mind

I know as I get older and more accepting of who I am, other things will lose their importance. In the meantime, I plan on focussing my energy into some killer workouts, fun trips and holidays and I am never going to apologise for my love of food. Cheese and bread are LIFE.

So go get a bikini. Go put it on your body. Hurray! You’ve got a fine-ass bikini body sistaaa.


With loads love and feeling a little more love for my body (and you should too!),



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