A Weekend in Weymouth

That old saying ‘a weekend well spent brings a week of content’ couldn’t be more true and this bank holiday was no exception. I packed my bags and drove to Dan’s in Chichester this Friday to then make our way to Weymouth Bay. Spending 3 nights with 5 of my best friends in our (pretty plush) caravan has blown away the cobwebs and refreshed me completely.

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5 Ways To Spread The Love

I can’t even process the news from last night. I woke up to my phone going into a frenzy, friends texting, twitter going mental. My first thought was ‘is this real?’ shortly followed by ‘not again.’ How awful is it that these harrowing events are becoming a more frequent part of our everyday life? My heart aches for the victims and their families in Manchester. I didn’t feel like getting up today, but instead I forced myself to. I went to work and acted with compassion, kindness and love. My concentration wasn’t all there, but I took the time to tell people I loved them, supported those affected and reflect on things. This post is a reminder that it requires minimal effort to be kind. Spread the love. Be positive. Stand together.

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Beautiful Bali: What to see in 3 weeks

It’s already been over a year since my first trip to Bali and I’m now getting round to writing a little guide to travelling this beautiful island (and those surrounding it). It was the first place I travelled to that gave me that real culture shock – different traditions, beliefs, food, way of life; and it completely enchanted me. Here’s where I went and why I think you should definitely fit these destinations into your trip if you’re lucky enough to go… Continue reading