Don’t Settle, Strive.

Why is it that society makes us feel that we should be settling down and have our life all sorted out already? I’m turning 24 this year and am nowhere near that point nor do I want to be. ‘Settling down’ is changing. It no longer about staying in one place, with one person, for a prolonged length of time.

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Country Bumpkin

After an amazing weekend visiting my travel girls in Birmingham which included late nights, lots of alcohol and plenty of food (and chocolate – hello Cadbury world!), I could have succumbed to my bed as soon as I got back to do sweet fa, curled up in a ball with my mahoosive bar of dairy milk and Netflix. Instead my sister came over and suggested a walk… I reluctantly agreed but am actually glad I did.

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13 Reasons Why You Should Watch 13 Reasons Why

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you would have seen a lot of talk about the new Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why. It follows the life of Hannah, a 17 year old who takes her own life and how she documents 13 reasons that contributed by recording them on cassette tapes. Sounds dark, and it is dark in places, but it’s an amazing series that has addressed issues like suicide, sexual assault and bullying head on. Here’s why I think you should watch it… Continue reading