Long Distance, No Drama.

Happy St Patrick’s weekend beautiful people! I have been lucky enough to spend it with the main man in my life and oh what a weekend it’s been. As I travelled down to Chichester, it got me thinking “who was this Patrick chap?” and then I remembered that I don’t care and it’s really just an excuse to wear green and drink, a lot. And that’s just what me and Dan intended to do. Long distance friendship is difficult, same as long distance relationships. But it’s always worth going those extra few miles.

So what exactly did we do with our weekend? We purchased a wristband for a St Patrick’s Day party in Portsmouth, but turns out it wasn’t all that shamrockin’ (sorry not sorry) so we ended up enjoying our night elsewhere, drinking too much and dancing like idiots. Yesterday was spent recovering, walking on the beach and along the canal, trying to power through but actually dying inside and wanting a McDonald’s (which we definitely treated ourselves to). Another reason I know that Dan is a true friend is because we can literally lie in bed, watch films and be scrolling on our phones and call it spending quality time together! It’s so easy, natural and normal and I bloody love that.

Candy striped beach huts are the cutest.
Our first home together (not really).

Whenever I see Dan, I can feel my six pack forming from the laughs and a weekend together never fails to put me in the best mood. And to think this time last year we had only known each other for 4 months! I remember people saying along the way that most friends you make whilst travelling are for the short term, because you just go from places to place. You share the odd Facebook message after you go your separate ways, but ultimately, it’s just not realistic to expect much more. Well, our friendship is a big middle finger to that idea. I’ve actually seen Dan more times since I’ve been home from my travels, than other friends who live within 10 miles of me. Just goes to show, distance means nothing.

Diana Cortes quote

I’ve actually managed to stay in touch with lots of my travel friends. Mainly Dan, Daryl and Hannah from Australia, my New Zealand girls Alenka and Kimberley and who can forget my Bolton boy Danny. In my eyes, it doesn’t take much to check in once in a while – send that message, post that comment, have that FaceTime call. The people you choose to surround yourself with and talk to, need to bring you happiness. And talking to and planning meet ups with these guys that I only met within the last year or so, requires minimal effort for maximum gain. After all, I experienced some of the most fun and crazy things I’ve done in my life with these amazing people. Why wouldn’t I want to stay in touch when they understand what travelling is like and are on the same wavelength as me?


People come in and out of our lives all the time. It takes those really special people to make that much of an impact that you want them to stay a part of it. I truly believe in ‘everything happens for a reason’. I was meant to start work at 18 so I could meet Sal, Liss and Laura, I was meant to leave for Australia on the 29th November 2015 with my cousin so we could meet Dan at Heathrow airport before our flights. I was meant to travel solo for 8 months to build up my confidence, face my fears and meet all those lovely people I mentioned above. Bit soppy, but it’s all true. Message that person you haven’t spoken to in a while, make the effort, be proactive, it’s completely worth it. Anyway, I’m off to eat some Nutella out the jar and watch Maid in Manhattan because there’s something so weird but nice about seeing J-Lo fall in love with Voldermort.

With love and long distance appreciation,



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