Enchanting Edinburgh

Back in January we booked to go to Edinburgh for Lucy’s birthday and we couldn’t have been more surprised with it’s beauty, history and general vibe. We packed jumpers, scarves and woolly hats thinking we’d be bitten by the Scottish winds but it was gloriously sunny with blue skies every day. We managed to pack a lot into our city break, and one thing is for sure, all 3 of us want to head back, ASAP. Continue reading


Long Distance, No Drama.

Happy St Patrick’s weekend beautiful people! I have been lucky enough to spend it with the main man in my life and oh what a weekend it’s been. As I travelled down to Chichester, it got me thinking “who was this Patrick chap?” and then I remembered that I don’t care and it’s really just an excuse to wear green and drink, a lot. And that’s just what me and Dan intended to do. Long distance friendship is difficult, same as long distance relationships. But it’s always worth going those extra few miles. Continue reading

A Simple Guide to Australia

If you think about the fact that the whole of Europe and more can fit into the land mass that is Australia, it’s easy to forget how different it can be from East to West and North to South. Whilst I was there, I was lucky enough to travel both East and West coasts, live in two of the most popular cities and visit the outback. It’s incredible how dramatic the landscape changes as well as what each place has to offer, so here is my simpleton’s guide to the most popular spots in the land of Oz. Continue reading

No Plan? No Problem!

As a single, 23 year old woman who has a few decent GCSE’s and A Levels under her belt, 11 months of travelling around the world and 5 years of working in different industries either side of that, I think it’s safe to say I have no real plan or structure in place in terms of where I’m headed in life or what order I’m doing stuff in. This past week, this fact has freaked me out. Like, alot. And I just wanted to get it out there that it’s actually okay to not know where you’ll be in 5 years time and to not have a clue about what you want in terms of career, home or relationships. Everyone is running to a different clock, where you are is irrelevant to others and you shouldn’t stress yourself out if you’re in a different place to your friends. Continue reading