A Very Girly Getaway – Hoseasons February 2017

Wow, almost 2 whole weeks without a blog post! It seems I have fallen off the face of the earth, when in actual fact I’ve just been a busy bee with work and fallen ill with the nastiest virus which knocked me for six. BUT, I had this hot tub holiday with three of my best girlies to look forward to and it has succeeded in perking me up and making me feel ten times better. Hoseasons specialise in hot tub lodges in remote locations up and down the country and for a bargain £70 each for the four of us, we bagged a 3 night stay in Aymestrey, Herefordshire.  Continue reading


An Honest Perspective of Valentine’s Day from a 20-something

It’s February 14th people. For some that means Valentine’s, for others, it means sweet FA. I have to admit, I’m part of the latter. I’m not sure I’m a fan of going for dinner with lots of other random couples who are doing it just because the calendar told them to. What I have done today however, is show myself a lot of love. I put on a dress I felt great in for work, I ate a whole bag of aero bubbles without feeling bad about it, I bought myself a bottle of prosecco and indulged in a purple sparkly bubble bath. I loved myself and it felt so great. DISCLAIMER: I have had 3 glasses of prosecco before writing this. Here are my observations and thoughts from the day, beginning to end. Continue reading

Theatre, Food & Quite a bit of Culture Actually

This week was a good one, I visited a nice hotel for work, got a free bottle of prosecco in a conference goodie bag (yes, really.) and had two trips to the theatre! At Aylesbury Waterside Theatre I went to see The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time and in London’s West End I saw Aladdin. Oh.my.days. I bloomin’ loved them so much I wanted to write all about it!  Continue reading

This Is Why I Fell In Love With New Zealand

The Scenery

Seriously, I thought I knew what picturesque was until I landed in NZ. The ever changing landscapes are just incredible. I’m talking snow-capped mountains, active volcanoes, icy glaciers and mirrored lakes. Not to mention all the greenery and never ending sheep (approximately 4 per person I’ll have you know). It’s even home to the hills of Hobbiton which is a brilliant day out for any LOTR fans. It really is something when you’re driving past a forest one minute and then a waterfall appears the next. You have to go and see it to believe it.

Continue reading