Why Staying In Is The New Going Out

BIG NEWS. Mama and Papa C have gone away for the weekend to see Grandad C in Dorset. So, for those of you who also still live with your folks, you’ll know the joyous feeling of having A FREE HOUSE! ALL TO YOURSELF! When I found out the news a couple of weeks ago, I set about planning to have my nearest and dearest over for a night in. It was then that it dawned on me, staying in really is the shit. Cooking a Thai curry for my friends and having everyone chilling and chatting together with a glass of prosecco in hand just made me feel so content. 23 going on 43 and I don’t even care.

Don’t get me wrong, I love getting ready for a fun night out, but here’s why I think staying in is more my thing:

  1. Comfy clothes. No effort required. Maximum stretch for eating.
  2. Make up is totally optional! Friends don’t judge and if you want to be fresh faced then by all means, you can.
  3. No queue for the loo. Oh the joys of having a toilet to hand with a rich supply of toilet paper and no weird lady trying to sell you perfume or lollipops before you return into the fray.
  4. Cheaper drinks. Why pay £6 for a glass of wine when you can enjoy a bottle of Tesco’s finest budget rose for a fiver?! NO BRAINER.
  5. I love a greasy end-of-the-night feast as much as the next person, but being sober and enjoying food with friends is such a nice social thing to do!
  6. Having people round to you means no driving home or taxis, just rolling into bed once you bid farewell to the last straggler.
  7. You can actually hear each other, listen and respond, rather than using over enthusiastic hand gestures just to tell your mates you need to go pee.
  8. It’s so nice to hang out with your favourite people without a bunch of strangers approaching you or bashing into you at the bar.
  9. Being in a committed relationship with the sofa for the evening is such a good feeling.
  10. Did I mention comfy clothes and no makeup?

So yes, last night was all of the above and it was just what I needed. Effortless fun surrounded by the best people. We stuck on trashy tv in the background, had some drinks and food and were complete nutters.

Some of my favourite people

I find it’s always good to have dates in the diary to catch up and take the time to stay in and just enjoy each others company. What are your favourite things to do with friends?

With love and chilled Sunday vibes,



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