20 Thoughts You Have When You Start A New Job

New job alert! We’ve all gone through it, the first day where everything is new and we really don’t have any idea about what’s happening. I’ve been in my new job for almost 2 weeks now, and it got me thinking, all of us must have had a few of these thoughts crop up in our minds when starting in a new role. Don’t sweat it, just go with it!


  1. YAY NEW JOB! I’m so great. I got dis. Look at me go!
  2. I’ll need some nice new stationery for definite. Notepads. Colourful pens. A cute folder. Even some paperclips… THE LIST IS ENDLESS!
  3. Oh lordy, do I answer that phone? How long can I get away with saying “Sorry I’m in training” and passing calls onto someone else?!
  4. Is it weird if I decorate my desk only 2 days in? I want pictures of my friends, maybe a nice pen holder. Ooo perhaps even a desk calendar!
  5. Do people leave their desk at lunch? I hope so…
  6. What’s your name again? Oh god. Dammit. It’s on the tip of my tongue… nope you’ll be ‘the blonde guy from finance’ forever more.
  7. What’s the drink situation here? Free tea and coffee better be available. I can’t deal with bringing in my own teabags.
  8. Ooo he’s cute.
  9. Nahhh not a good idea to dip your pen into the company ink.
  10. Are work drinks a thing? How do I suggest them without sounding like an alcoholic?
  11. Oh look at my fancy new email signature! *uses it even when asking for password reset from IT*.
  12. Hmmm dress code. Is this outfit too casual? Maybe a pencil skirt is more appropriate. Wait, that girl is wearing jeans… what?
  13. Oh okay I need to go to that department. Wait. Where is that again? Can you take me there?
  14. I kinda just wanna know when pay day is.
  15. Am I a bad person for already planning how I’ma use up my holiday entitlement?
  16. I hope my social media wasn’t stalked before I started. Better get rid of those sixth form social photos…
  17. Where can I get some good grub around here?
  18. Ooo free food at this meeting! I’M THERE.
  19. How long til’ I stop feeling like the new person?
  20. Eh, it’ll be alright.

Let me know if you relate!

With love and positiff newbie vibes,



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