“I do apologise… my button isn’t working.”

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Interviews are never fun. And I had practically zero experience in the things until about a month ago, considering my one and only interview for my one and only job was more of an informal chat about cake. So when I took redundancy and was thrown into the world of job applications and awkward questions, I had to quickly get used to it.

Interview number one was a dream. An informal conversation about my cv and the role and I even got a tour round the office which I thought was a good sign. Although it did start with me spluttering something along the lines of ‘Gjhgnbfg good Christmas?!’ at my now boss conducting the interview. I felt at ease from the start which ultimately helped my confidence and real personality shine through.

Interview number two was a two-part scenario. I had to record video responses on my laptop to some pre-recorded questions. WHAT? Talking to my webcam felt very unnatural. I had to do my makeup to blab at a screen. I had no idea what the questions would be and only had 30 seconds to prepare once they’d been asked! And I’d be invited to interview (or not) based on my answers. Well, it was going okay until question 2. I had 2 minutes maximum to record my response and I only took 50 seconds. But when I went to press the ‘stop recording’ button, it didn’t stop. I was sat there like a lemon for 10 seconds, continuously pressing this goddamn button, trying not to show panic. In the end I decided it would be appropriate to explain to the screen that it wasn’t working, so in my professional interview tone, I said “I do apologise, my button isn’t working.” I DO APOLOGISE MY BUTTON ISN’T WORKING. Good one Tiff. I bet they had a laugh at that in the recruitment team. Somehow I managed to get the face-to-face interview and I held it together with no talk of buttons. But my name sticker got stuck in my hair. Perfect.

Interview 3 was the worst out of them all. It was for an independent furniture company in the middle of nowhere, no signage and no reception, so took me about half hour to find! Once I actually found where I was supposed to be, I just followed the voices echoing from within the room of chaotically placed chairs (which they later explained was the showroom – sorry what?) and practically walked in on another interview. Great. I was only in there for 15 minutes. There were plenty of awkward silences and I had to pretend to be passionate about chairs (sitting in them yes, selling them, no.) – oh and was given a tour of the on-site factory which was basically a chance for all the male workers in their high-vis jackets to ogle at an actual female walking around their machinery! It was safe to say that wasn’t the right one for me.

Number 4 went well, only lasting 15 minutes again but more because they were busy and needed the right candidate to start immediately. It didn’t feel right but still boosted my confidence during all my interviews.

So I may not be an interview master, but I sure had some interesting experiences that I can share and will no doubt help me in the future. And I ended up taking job number one which has turned out to be pretty awesome. All these awkward encounters, video recordings and strange questions are just part of the process. But I’m happy it’s over for a while! Let me know if you have any funny interview stories!

With love, awkward silences and positiff vibes.



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